Friday, September 05, 2003

We're on TV! (again)

Today promised to be fairly quiet, but a couple of bizarre coincidences made it really cool!

There's a cinema not far from our hostel, and we stumbled across it, so we popped in to watch The Medallion. Not exactly a classic, but fun nevertheless. Possibly the best bit (for us) was the baddies' secret hideout: Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland. They even fly a helicopter into the cave beneath the ruins! We've been there! So cool :-).

As if that wasn't fun enough... We were walking down Georgia Street when we happened to walk past the new MTV Canada studios, just in time to join the audience for MTV Select. It was the first time they were recording in the new studio - the audience was pretty small (about forty people, tops), so we got plenty of camera time! The show airs next Wednesday (3.30pm ET) on MTV Canada, so there's no way we're going to be able to see it, unfortunately - we're missing an exciting "She Says, He Says" debate on the burning issues of the day ("I've been dumped. Will I ever get over it?"); a review of some silly new mobile phone / Game Boy clone / MP3 player; and a book review (of Dumped - a common theme :-). Still, it was fun to watch Brian and Amanda do their stuff live!

After that unplanned excitement, we headed out towards the harbour area, and bought IMAX tickets for tomorrow: Space Station 3D, narrated by Tom Cruise. Then we came back, via the 7-Eleven for a soft drink and a cheap pizza place for some pizza.


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