Thursday, August 28, 2003

More from Chicago

Chicago totally rocks! We've had a really great time here :-).

After we'd uploaded the photos (which took ages!) we went to visit Dan and Michelle (and Connor and Lily) out near Logan Square, and had a great evening there - they're just as cool as I remember them being :-).

This morning we stopped by Argo Tea on Armitage, and had stunningly delicious tea-based products (me a Bubble Tea, Katherine a Teapuccino) for breakfast. Then we took the L downtown, first to the Museum of Broadcast Communications. I recognised a couple of the names and face (Bob Hope, Harry Caray, the Lone Ranger...), but most of it was somewhat before our time ;-). After that, unable to resist the lure of the Apple Store (again!) we returned to the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue. We still have this afternoon ahead of us; then tomorow morning - the Cubs game starts just after 2pm, and we catch the bus westwards at 9pm.


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