Saturday, August 23, 2003


It's about five hours on the bus from Ottawa to Toronto, which is a short hop by our standards. We even got two "in-flight" films: something of a first!

Anyway, we arrived in Toronto at 2pm and headed straight to our hostel. From what we've seen so far the city is very attractive - similar in many respects to Boston, or a kind of quieter New York. We won't be staying long, since it's pretty expensive and we're a bit behind schedule.

Our next stop is Niagara Falls, a couple of hours south of here, and then back into USA to Chicago. After a few days there we start our marathon journey westwards towards Seattle (home! :-).

Here's a bit more... (from Katherine)

We didn't have long in Toronto but it seems like a fun city. We decided not to stay partly because we were a bit behind schedule and also because the next day was a Sunday and the things we wanted to visit weren't open.

However, we did see some of the major sights. We saw City Hall (Arabic looking) and some people shooting a film. (We couldn't actually see any actors, just some cameras and a guy with a clapper board.) We went by the CN Tower. It is impressive and can be seen all around the city. We didn't go up (too expensive) but we went into the gift shop and pottered about. We also saw the Sky Dome where loads of people were filling out after a Blue Jays game.


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