Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Pathetic fallacy

Guess what? We're not in Miami. :-)

Oh well, we were 50% successful, in that we now have Katherine's bag back. Mine is still in limbo somewhere - news is due at 5pm tonight. Still, at least we're making progress!

Anyway, that means we're stuck in New Orleans for at least another night. The NO Greyhound people were kind enough to pay for our hostel (I guess $15 each isn't going to break their bank :-), so it isn't costing us anything except time and frustration.

And as if to reflect this, there's a huge thunderstorm going on outside, so we're stuck in the library until further notice. (We got drenched even getting this far).

So, this is something of a trough, but I guess that means a peak is right around the corner...


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