Wednesday, July 23, 2003

'The Late Show With Conan O'Brien' - and our last hours in NYC

We did indeed get into the Conan O'Brien show. There were about seventy reserve ticket-holders, most of whom got in, into an audience of about 200.

I'd never watched the show before (it airs daily at 00.30 - a bit late for me :-), but Katherine remembered watching it on cable in England. The star guest on our show was Joaquin Phoenix (of Gladiator, Signs and Quills fame); there was also a popular American rock band (neither of us had ever heard of them) and a Canadian comedian.

Even though the show was recorded at 17.30 on a Monday, it doesn't air until Thursday (00.30) - normally it goes out the same night or the day after, but they're planning a big 10th anniversary special or something. I don't think the camera ever picked us up in the audience, so don't bother setting your VCRs :-).

Nevertheless, it was great fun, of course. We had to queue for a while, probably about an hour in total, before being ushered through several security checks and a remotely-controlled elevator. It was cool to see all the cameramen, the live band and the producers doing their respective things. Conan was good too. I'd seen Jay Leno's show - which is on NBC immediately before Conan -, but the later one is much more risqué and sharp. He even made a sarcastic joke - something more or less unheard of in this country :-).

After that (we were 'home' by about 7pm) we stayed in in front of the TV - ironically! - and ate rolls and fries from the excellently-named Burger Heaven.

And now for today...


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