Monday, June 23, 2003


OK, we've just finished ordering our anti-malarial stuff from - enough for 23 weeks times two, which comes to a tidy sum - and have almost got accommodation for Iceland sorted. (I say 'we', but to be honest Katherine did most of it :-).

Otherwise, today was absolutely exhausting. We bought insurance and coach passes from STA, and picked up the remaining plane tickets. Of course, several different things went wrong - don't get me started on the inadequacies of the Co-op Bank, suffice to say I fully intend to close my account with them whenever I have a spare minute (that is, not for many months ;-).

Katherine discovered that the Nationwide building society offers 0% fees on foreign currency ATM transactions (compared to Co-op's 4.5%), and so I've signed up for an account with them. The card should arrive in a couple of days, so that'll be handy to have.

Also notice the groovy 'itinerary' links to the right, which you can click on to get a very rough idea of our travel plans. I'm especially proud of the maps, but then I would be, wouldn't I? :-)


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