Monday, July 21, 2003

Back at Peter's

OK, here's a proper update from Saturday to today.

We watched Top Gun late into Friday night on Peter's gigantic TV, so Saturday morning was rather slow. We went into downtown Manhattan, popping into famous stores: Tiffany's (of Breakfast at fame), Bloomingdale's (where Rachel shops in Friends) and Macy's (the largest store in the world apparently: we bought some stamps there). We also saw St. Patrick's Cathedral: rather extravagant (Catholic of course). In the evening we ordered cheap and cheerful Mexican takeaway and plonked ourselves down in front of a DVD.

Sunday was rather more active: the weather was gorgeous (hot and not at all humid), so the four of us went up to Central Park. We hired a rowing boat for an hour and tootled around the lake - which was full of turtles, cormorants, storks and other interesting fauna. After lunch we went to the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art), which is massive - far too much to do in an afternoon. Highlights included an entire Egyptian temple, flown in especially and housed in a giant greenhouse; art inspired by the American Civil War; cool suits of armo(u)r (Katherine in particular liked those :-); and designer dresses based on classical forms (including ones as worn by Jackie O, Kylie, and so on). In the evening we went downtown to Little China, and ate in a fantastic restaurant (as recommended by the Internet :-), where we stuffed ourselves for about $6 each.

Katherine and I got up early this morning to try and get tickets for the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show on NBC. We're standby tickets numbers 35 and 36, so I don't fancy our chances, but we're about to head over to the Rockefeller Center (where the NBC studios are) at 4.15, so we'll see what happens. We also popped into Columbia University (see below :-) and what will be the largest cathedral in the world when it's finished.

And as a convenient link, we also stopped off at the Port Authority Bus Terminal to check the coach times for tomorrow. If all goes well, we'll be hitting the road at 10am, on a Greyhound coach bound for Washington DC.


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