Thursday, September 04, 2003

Cubs Win!

Well, this is a bit out-of-date by now, but here's what's happened to us since the morning of Friday 29th August...

Wrigley Field was fantastic, and we both had a great time. Perfect weather and a good view. Our cheap seats ($12 a shot) were pretty decent - there are no bad seats at Wrigley! We were up in the stands behind first base - a couple of foul balls headed vaguely in our direction but never close enough to catch (or to hit us on the head :-).

The Brewers, despite my faux-confidence, had actually been doing rather well, not having lost for 10 games. It was a close game, although the Cubs were always ahead by at least one run. Damian Miller (who?) hit a home run to go ahead 4-2, and Sammy Sosa - my hero! - got three hits. Only one fielding error by the Cubs - it was a bit of a disaster, but I had my back turned trying to buy beer at the time :-(.

There's a full match report over at

Oh, and the Cubs went on to lose the next two games of the series of three, so I guess we picked our day well!


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