Monday, September 08, 2003

Seattle, WA

Well here we are in Seattle - home of Microsoft, Starbucks, and, er, me.

We spent our last day in Vancouver resting - we saw another cheap movie (Le Divorce), and spent some more time as mallrats. We cooked ourselves a nice meal and watched Canadian TV all evening :-).

Our bus left Vancouver this morning at 10am, crossed the US/Canada border an hour later and we arrived here in Seattle at about 1pm. Our hostel is well-located (although pushing our budget :-), a couple of blocks away from the historic Pike Street Market, and within walking distance of all the sights - the Space Needle, of course, as well as all the posh downtown shops.

We've only just arrived, but it looks like there'll be plenty to do. Unfortunately the Seahawks - Seattle's (American) football team - played their first game this afternoon, so we just missed that. With any luck, though, we'll get tickets for the Mariners game (against the Texas Rangers, at the shiny new Safeco Field) on Tuesday.

The hostel has free internet access (yay! we love free internet access!) so watch for more posts over the next few days.


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