Wednesday, September 24, 2003

From CA to NV

Hello, it's Andy special guest appearance (like the Conan O'Brien show) and all that. Tom and Katherine (henceforth TK) arrived at LA airport before I did at 9am. Finally touched down there myself at about 2pm, though due to my dodgy nature and suspicious immigration officials didn't get out till about 4pm. Hired a car and then left LA pretty soon and overnighted in some small town called Barstow in some motel or other.

In Las Vegas the day after, staying in some hotel/casino called El Cortez, full of old aged gamblers and the like. Lots of casinos, by the time we left on Monday morning, Tom was down $5 and I was down ... more.

From Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon. Lots of impressive rock formations and all that. A lot of squirrels too and elk on roads (almost disasterous) and coyotes. Now in Tuba City, staying in a school. Bizarrely half the town uses daylight saving time and the other doesn't. More later...

BTW our car is a blue Hyundai Accent.


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