Thursday, September 18, 2003

California Dreamin'

After a brief stint on the Internet yesterday morning, we hiked up to Coit Tower, which is plonked right on top of a hill and overlooks all of the city. It's almost as visible a landmark as the Transamerican Pyramid.

'Hiked' is the right word. Attractive it may be, but San Francisco is in a woefully bad location for a city. We were exhausted by the time we got to the top.

Rather whimsically, I had thought that Coit Tower was named after the game in which you throw hoops at a peg in the ground - the tower representing the peg. This was somewhat too imaginative, however. The game is spelt 'quoits', and the tower is named after one Mrs. Coit, who gave some money to someone once. Ah well.

So we walked back down that hill, then up another, via Lombard Street, famous for being one of the world's most bendy. In the space of one block there are eight hairpin turns, designed to allow cars to drive up the steep bank. It's hard to explain - this picture does it justice!

Not relishing the walk back home, and eager to try out another of SF's tourist attractions, we hopped on board the cable car that chugs through the city centre. Hanging daringly out over the road, it's hard to imagine that no one gets killed falling off one of these contraptions! :-)

I was tempted by the Sony Metreon, but frankly we were both too tired to get enough pleasure from their Playstation 2's... however, I'm sure we'll find time to visit later today ;-).

Today is our last day here in SF - tonight will be our last Greyhound journey. Next stop is Los Angeles, to meet up with Mr Andy Wong, and begin our 'road trip' out towards New Mexico. Should be fun!


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