Thursday, January 22, 2004

Puerto Madryn ...

... is where we are. The bus journey was an epic, lasting 16 hours, but we finally arrived at 2pm this afternoon. Finding accommodation turned out to be a bit problematic, but we got somewhere in the end, and arranged to move to somewhere a bit classier (and closer to the beach! :) tomorrow. It's better value for money, you see, but was full when we arrived.

Puerto Madryn seems nice - it's your typical beach resort. We spent the day wandering around the city and doing some shopping. Tonight we're going to (hopefully) see "Amor Realmente" in the cinema - care to guess what the English translation of that is?

Hint: the answer's Love Actually - I'd rather be seeing SWAT myself, but Katherine used her executive veto :(.

Tomorrow we hit the beach - this time we're in the Atlantic. The day after, the plan is to take a local bus out to the little villages nearby, many of which retain a strong Welsh influence. Afternoon teas all round :).


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