Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Rio Gallegos

Public transport is sporadic at best in this part of the world, and so getting from place to place is no longer as easy as it was in Northern Chile. No doubt things will improve once we're out of Patagonia, but until then it'll mean a few frustrating waits. One such delay is getting from El Calafate to just about anywhere. We managed to get on a bus to Rio Gallegos, which is a small city, rather bleak but friendly, with nothing much to be said for it. We stayed here last night, and our bus for Puerto Madryn leaves tonight at 8.30, so we've had a lazy day playing on the Internet, eating pizza and window-shopping. We popped into the local museum - we were expecting something boring, but it turned out to be pretty cool, full of interactive science stuff and some huge skeletons / models of extinct dinosaurs and mammals that used to roam the earth. So we've had an agreeable enough day, all told.

Lunchtime tomorrow we'll be in Puerto Madryn. Sound a bit Welsh? That's because it is. More when we get there!


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