Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Moving on...

Living in Venezuela is, in general, very cheap: hotel rooms cost under $10 a night for two; eating out will set you back no more than $2 each; buses will take you across the country for $20. The only real money gets spent on tours and other tourist activities. The rafting and Catatumbo tours cost us plenty - flying to Canaima and the Angel Falls (there's no road access) would cost well over $150 each. That would almost be more money than we've spent in this country so far!

So, seeing as I've already seen the thing anyway, we've decided to give it a miss - this time :-). In a day or two we'll head back north to the Caribbean coast, and sample the beaches around Puerto La Cruz and Mochima. We might even make it to Isla Margarita!


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