Thursday, September 04, 2003

Woohoo Mormons!

If you have been following us closely, you'll have noticed we have been following our itinerary pretty precisely. However, we changed what we had planned to do after Chicago. We had thought of going to the west coast via Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. We scrapped this in favour of Salt Lake City (which we had planned on doing later on) as public transport in those two places is non-existent and our budget doesn't stretch to hiring cars on Labor day weekend.

And so to Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite a 1am start, the journey was one of our more picturesque with views of the desert. Our first day there we only managed to leave the hostel to go to the supermarket. (We found a proper supermarket - so much choice ;o). We slept and watched TV. We're getting into some programmes. Fear Factor is cool (sort of like the tasks that the celebrities did in the jungle on I'm a Celebrity...) and of course we are now huge Conan fans. We also watch Jay Leno who is on before him. The late night chat shows are an hour earlier than they were in New York so we don't have to stay up quite so late.

Now SLC is famous for two things. One, the Mormons of course and two, the 2002 Winter Olympics. We didn't see much evidence of the latter but my golly did we come across the Mormons. I should say before I talk about what we did that despite being in the middle of nowhere, SLC is beautifully placed with mountains all around. You have to applaud the Mormons' ability to adapt to the desert. I was impressed by the long journey they made from Illinois and their temple which was 40 years in the making (shame we weren't allowed in).


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