Saturday, September 06, 2003

IMAX etc.

After doing a bit of laundry, we headed to the IMAX cinema to see 'Space Station 3D'. It was quite interesting for a space film! Tom enjoyed it with childlike delight. The whole IMAX thing seems to be a bit overrated, some of the prices in other places we've been have been far too much.

On our way out we saw some cruise ships docked for the day. We went into the underground mall for a bit of (mostly window) shopping. We sat by the harbour for a bit soaking up the gorgeous view and watching sea planes land on the water. The area is being heavily developed at the moment with lots of (nice) apartment blocks. On the way back, Tom picked up a free radio after a tip off from one of the people in our dorm. He did sign up for a credit card using a fake address but nevermind.

We ended the day at an Indian restaurant near our hostel. It was very good although not quite up to Lye standard. I still get very excited by the fact that they give you ice water without you even having to ask!


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