Friday, September 12, 2003

Final Seattle Entry :o(

*Someone* gave me a little bit of help!

Today was unfortunately another wet day. After some fried eggs and watermelon, we headed out to investigate Seattle's bus tunnel. For some unknown reason, Tom has been dying to ride the bus in the bus tunnel all week - now he finally got his chance. It is a bit of an odd concept, underground buses, but once you've seen it, that's it.

Our destination was the Frye Art Museum. It's a bit more traditional than most of the galleries we've been to so far. The paintings were mostly portraits, landscapes, flowers etc, no modern art. They display work from their art classes which is fun. The most interesting painting was one that had been restored. A poster showed what had happened to it and the repairs required.

Well that's about it for Seattle. We popped in Bon Marche (department store) on the way back for more window shopping. Next stop Portland....


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