Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Washington DC

We left Peter's about 8.30 this morning. After a complicated metro journey and a fairly convoluted ticket buying process, we managed to board the 10am to Washington DC. It was a slightly uncomfortable journey as the air conditioning wasn't working but apart from that it was fine.

We arrived at the hostel at about 3pm. We're in a dorm but we can use the kitchen and have free internet access.

We left for the centre pretty much straight away. As it was fairly late in the day, we decided to look at the monuments (which don't close until late). We went to the Washington monument - a tall marble pillar basically. Tom might describe it in more poetic terms! It does stand out though.

The Lincoln memorial was more my style, classical with white pillars etc. It had lots of inspiring speeches that Lincoln made on the walls. I think I may have recognised the building from watching too many episodes of the West Wing. It has a great view of the Washington monument and Capitol Building.

FDR was next - a memorial to Roosevelt. This was a bit different with waterfalls etc. but still the familiar inspiring words. Finally the Jefferson memorial. Pretty similar to the Lincoln but with a lovely lake settting. The pace is definitely slower here and it's a lot greener. It is very hot but it is thundering as I type so hopefully it will be a bit cooler tomorrow.


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