Friday, July 18, 2003

New York, New York

Wednesday - The weather wasn't top notch so we decided to do something inside first. Having enjoyed the Guggenheim in Bilbao, we thought we'd try the one here. My art lessons on Picasso came in handy. Some of the modern art was interesting, some ridiculous - a red square was supposed to represent a peasant woman.

In the afternoon we took the Staten Island ferry (free!) so we could see the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline (which you see on all the films and TV programmes featuring New York). We then went by Wall Street and the place where the World Trade Center used to be. We finished up in Central Park but we were too tired to explore much (it has taken us a bit of time to acclimatise to the heat).

Thursday - The UN was our first stop. We went past the flags of all the countries in the UN and tried to work out what they all were without much success. We took a tour around the building and saw the famous Security council room with the blue chairs in a circular formation.

After lunch we went to Times Square where they drop the silver ball on New Year's Eve. It is full of flashing neon signs and bustling with people. we went into Toys R' Us where they had a ferris wheel inside the shop. Again we ended up in Central Park.

In the evening we went to Brooklyn with Peter and Caroline to see an open air 3D film. It was an old movie - Creature from the Black Lagoon - which they had made into 3D. There was a band playing music and people doing the dialogue (which they changed a bit to make it funny). There were loads of people there and it was a nice atmosphere.

Friday (today) - We read you could get tickets to observe in the Stock Exchange but unfortunately it was all boarded off when we got there - a security thing I guess. To make a change we took the bus to Central Park. It took a long time but it made a change and we saw a lot more than you do on the subway :o). We queued up for free tickets to see Henry V in the park but unfortunately we just missed out so we're going to try again on Sunday. We came back via a little castle in the park which gives good views of the park and the city and Strawberry Fields, where there is memorial place for John Lennon (he lived just across the street).

We still have quite a few more things yet to do so we'll keep you posted :o).


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