Monday, July 28, 2003

New Orleans

We're in New Orleans library at the moment so here's an update.

On our last day in DC, we started out by visiting the Pentagon. Not very exciting -we couldn't actually tell it was a pentagon as we couldn't get far enough away. Next to Arlington cemetery to see JFK's grave. I was surprised by how plain it was. We also got a great view of the Capitol from the cemetery.

We decided to head to the zoo for a quick look around in the afternoon seeings as it is free. We ended up spending quite a lot of time there. I'll spare you the details of which animals we did see although I have to say the emu was pretty cool!

Our finally was of course the White House which we had been putting off as we knew we could see it anytime. It was quite small but you can get fairly close to it, unlike Downing Street.

We left DC at 9.30am on the Greyhound to New Orleans. The journey was fine during the day but then overnight they made us get out of the coach numerous times and we were delayed in Atlanta for about an hour and had to change coaches. It was at that stage the problem with our bags may well have occured. Whatever it was, we did not have our bags when we reached New Orleans. In fact we still don't have them now but we should get them tomorrow (in time for leaving for Miami). Lesson: make sure you look for your bag at every place you stop at. Meanwhile Tom is a bit hairy and our clothes are pretty smelly! Luckily we had the our essentials in our hand luguage. The bus was delayed and by the time we got to the hostel, it was fairly late so we didn't do anything that day.

Yesterday we explored New Orleans. We took a ferry across the Mississippi and wandered around the French Quarter. The French Quarter is cool if a bit kitsch in places. We found two fun squares. One has all the crests of places in Spain running around it with Louisana as its last - symbolic of New Orlean's Spanish heritage. It had a Navarran one which Tom was quite chuffed about. It is very hot so we've been taking things very slowly. We have found an air conditioned shopping centre so we go there every couple of hours to cool down. The place we are staying in is a bit hippy but fine. Frustratingly there is a swimming pool but we can't swim as we don't have our stuff. I'm looking forward to Miami beach.

Today we went to the cemetery to see the grave of Marie Laverne. Voodoo is big here and she was a famous voodoo queen. Her grave has lots of x's on it (for some spiritual reason or good luck or something), beads, photos etc. It had quite a few quarters too which I wanted to take (it's not like they're much use to Marie) but Tom told me I wasn't allowed! We had a look in a few shops this afternoon, too - we bought some playing cards yesterday.

So if all goes well with our bags, we'll be off to Miami tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to do another post from there.


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